How to Configure Mercury Mail Server on Wamp

If you use wamp for PHP/ MySQL development this article to configure an email server for testing locally on your PC may be handy. This article is about installing mercury mail server on wamp. First of all download Mercury/32 Mail Transport System for Win32 and NetWare Systems v4.72 Mozilla Thunderbird Wamp (if you …...

If you use wamp for PHP/ MySQL development this article to configure an email server for testing locally on your PC may be handy.

This article is about installing mercury mail server on wamp. First of all download

  1. Mercury/32 Mail Transport System for Win32 and NetWare Systems v4.72
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Wamp (if you do not have it already)

Install Wamp. I have installed it in d:\wamp. It is important to install it in the topmost directory.

  • SMTP:
  • Email:

Finish the wamp installation.

In your current windows installation locate the hosts file. In my system windows is installed in C drive and location is


Open the hosts file with notepad and add the following three lines at the end of the file.

  • # for browser access
  • #for email access
  • #for mercury mail server

Locate the httpd conf file in your wamp installation. In my system the path is D:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.11\conf

Remove the line

ServerName localhost:80

Add the line

Now start the wamp server.

You should be able to access the wamp server by using and http://localhost interchangeably.

Create a folder inside the wamp installation called MercuryMail.

Start the Mercury Mail Server Installation and give the installation path as D:\wamp\MercuryMail

Select New Installation

Select No Netware Support

Directory for Mercury/32 is D:\wamp\MercuryMail

Click on No Pegasus mail integration

In the Protocol Mail Section select

  • MecuryS- SMTP Server module
  • MercuryP- POP3 Server Module
  • MercuryD-POP3 Client Module
  • MercuryH- PH Query Server Module
  • MercuryB-HTTP Web Server module
  • Select MercuryE module for SMTP and enter the server:
  • Select a SMTP relaying mode : Normal

Once you have finished the installation You can start Mercury mail from Start-Programs Mercury for Win32 – Mercury for Win3

A mercury/32 window will open

Click on Widows – Tile to arrange it.

In D:\wamp\MercuryMail edit the mercury.ini file

In the line myname: localhost # Canonical name for this server

Replace localhost with

Restart the mercury mail server.

In the mercury/32 window go the Configuration – manage local Users

Create two users.

Username: annu
Password: anu

Username: nitin
Password: nitin

Try to send a test mail through mercury/32 window.

Install Mozilla Thunderbird Setup 2 email accounts from Tools – Account settings

Server name will be while setting up accouts.

Try sending mail from to

It should work and you are done!

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    Thanks for your post, it worked for me as well.

    In my case the MercuryB-HTTP Web Server module was interfering with the WAMP webserver. In the mercury/32 window I changed the configuration of MercuryB to listen on TCP port 81 instead of port 80. Maybe this helps someone else.

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    In php.ini put smtp_from, smtp_port,
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